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Welcome to Name Portraits by Charla! A Name Portrait is an illustrated word. The mediums are pen and ink, color pencil, watercolor pen and embellished picture pieces from the early 1900's. The artist Charla Hayen begins each design in pencil on illustration board. The pictures available on this website are reproductions of her originals, signed by the artist in pencil. Charla also highlights each reproduction in color pencil so that every picture available has original work by the artist.

Name Portraits have been organized into these categories. Click on one of the headings to take you to that category's page of illustrated words.


Illustrated people names. Charla has a collection of names which she has researched and illustrated. The basis of each name design is inspired by its history or meaning.
A collection of words which represent the many faces of the seasons from snow days to summer days.
(856) 536-2896 Holidays
The essence of each special day is incorporated into the word design. The holiday of Christmas has several illustrations representing the many faces of this holiday.
The Arts
The magic and beauty of the arts are the inspiration for this collection of words. These pictures are perfect for the arts professional or the person who appreciates and supports the arts.
8173046061 The Family
Names of family members and the word family are illustrated with quotations and characteristics of each.
713-968-4514 The Home
The many facets of the home are represented from tea and coffee to the garden and wine cellar.
A selection of special interests is represented. Some of the words feature the history of that particular hobby or interest.
A variety of professions is illustrated from doctors to hair styists to teachers to fire fighters.
hazard Judaica
Selected Jewish holidays are featured. Two of the selections are written in Hebrew.
A collection of word pictures which offer encouragement and well being.
Special Occasions
Pictures which can be given for special wedding, birthday and honor occasions.
470-572-4363 Animals/Pets
The first pictures of the Name Portrait dog breed series is included plus other animal favorites.

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Name Portraits by Charla
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